What We Do

RASR Entertainment is acclaimed for being the provider of an extensive range of services in the online gaming industry. Its persistent adherence to its core principles has earned it this reputation based on customer trust, brand value and services. The diligent, loyal and competent employees of the company have been the key to the position and distinction that it enjoys today. Working as one, teams with various specialisations have led the business ahead efficiently as well as with proper identifications and methodical implementations to create value for the customers.

Our business development process is backed by our products and services to achieve the best possible results in the online business.


RASR Entertainment’s working structure is dynamic and has a widespread approach towards all its dimensions to ensure proper recognition of the products. The team at RASR Entertainment is highly competitive and is focussed on every step of the development process to ensure foolproof success. Our working structure is laid out with an unparalleled range of services that includes roles like creating, designing, marketing and content to provide an engaging online experience for our players.

The Team

The application development procedure of RASR Entertainment is well resourced with the top professionals of the industry. The team is well versed with industry knowledge. Our products enjoy a very high status and demand respect in the UK gaming market. Our highly focused and targeted approach initiated by the team help us to make the most out of the competitive advantages.


In our comprehensive range of services, online marketing plays a significant role in bringing out the importance of our products to the reach of millions. Online marketing’s services are well complemented by other equally important services on offer such as offline marketing campaigns, social media networking and email campaigns. With better technology at our disposal, we make sure our SEO operations are at par with the best in business, giving our brands the accessibility they deserve. We believe in giving each of our services undivided and equal attention. This approach helps us bridge the space between us and our users as well as to fathom the most efficient route to reach them.

Our services in depth:

Online Marketing

Online marketing operates through three mediums, which are:

Affiliate Marketing:

Businesses which promote products and/or services of other businesses on their own websites and portals and generate revenue for them are known as affiliates. Thus, the means of furthering one’s business online via such affiliates is known as affiliate marketing. Though relatively new, affiliate marketing is fast catching up as a beneficial new medium to market one’s products or services online as payment to the affiliate is dependent on whether or not the product or service makes a sale or gets a registration via the affiliates. This makes it a marketing scheme of minimal investment with the capacity to generate good returns.

In the UK, Affiliate Marketing has shown tremendous potential and grown at speed. In the process, they have generated windfall sales for the businesses partnering with them. We at RASR Entertainment understand the crucial role played by the bond that ties the merchants and networks to the affiliates. The success of Affiliate Marketing relies on the strength of the relationship forged between the parties involved. This is why we always go the extra mile. We make the effort to know our partners at a personal level, work closely with them and employ the best existing policies. We make sure that our clients are serviced for all their needs in the most efficient manner because at RASR Entertainment, client satisfaction is our antecedence.

Digital Marketing:

It is rightly said that the internet is the world’s largest library. Though its reach is vast, the information floating around in it is equally extensive too. This makes the world of digital marketing fluid and susceptible to constant changes as sometimes, what you are saying does not reach the person for whom you are saying that. This is why we at RASR Entertainment believe in constantly reinventing our digital marketing schemes to warrant what we want to say reaches our targeted audience and makes an impact. The digital marketing designs devised by us are inventive and interactive. This guarantees a better rate of success with our customers.

While finalising a digital marketing design, the experts at RASR Entertainment carefully weigh all options and consider all the choices before coming up with a scheme that is not just compelling but cost-efficient too. For a digital marketing scheme to be effective, it needs to go through the fires of research, strategy and a media plan before it can be launched. The various types of digital marketing advertisements from which we choose the best possible one for the particular campaign in hand are Text ads, Pop-Up Ads, Flash/DHTML Ads, Email ads (in the form of newsletters), Display Ads etc.

Email Marketing:

The creativity, industry knowledge, understanding of the needs and desires of our target audience and our ability to perfectly brew the potent concoction of information and entertainment makes our Email Marketing initiatives efficient and successful. We rely on the vast database acquired from our various brands, dig deep into our understanding of customer needs and wants and make use of our competence and experience in the field to come up with some of the most ingenious and well-thought out Email Marketing schemes for our brands.

At RASR Entertainment, we do not believe in just sending out random emails to the members in our database. Here, we zero in on formulating engaging as well as elucidative content that benefits our brands as well as interests our customers. We are also proactive in our assessment of the usefulness of our email marketing campaigns. We have the means to track the success of the strategy we formulate and the impact that it has on the members of our database. This gives us the opportunity to improvise our strategy further, should there be a need for that.


The Search part of our services includes the following:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

Search engines drive the maximum traffic to a site and thus, also translate to more leads and sales. The search engine ranking of any online site or portal is exceedingly substantial and detrimental to the growth of the site/portal. Without featuring right at the top of the heap that a search engine generates, an online site cannot prosper. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is that process that ensures the better visibility of a site, portal or brand in a search result to give it the edge over its competitors.

The accessibility of our products is created with the practice of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The SEO role looks into the constant improvements made on the internal and external aspects of our web sites to increase the traffic. To render our websites user friendly, we apply the proper on and off optimization techniques. Major importance is given to the keywords utilization and factors like SEO submission to tune our site to the listing pages of search engine. All this leads to the successful online gaming and delivering exceptional results.

A website needs to regularly brush-up its own contents and the components to further its search engine visibility and indexing. Search Engine Optimisation is also a cost effective means of marketing and advertising for a website. At RASR Entertainment, we understand how search engine results can make or break an online site and thus, have a very dedicated and aware SEO team to back up our brands. Our SEO experts work tirelessly and strategise so that our brands get the opportunity to feature among the top in the search engine result shuffle. We have been successful in our search engine optimisation services to our brands for the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Social Media:

Another form of online marketing, Social Media involves marketing products or services via various social networking, blogging, micro-blogging sites and forums. In principle, it is similar to traditional marketing as the strategy formulation and other goals of the site retain their essence from their traditional counterpart. The difference lies in the medium of execution. However, since it is a target-based form of marketing, it is less aggressive in nature and is more suggestive in nature.

RASR Entertainment uses sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Likedin, Digg etc to generate curiosity about its brands in the market as well as to provide a platform to those who already know and use those products. It brings the lovers of the brands and product together and thus becomes an organised but social database. It is also a form of marketing that is interactive and can this gauge customer reaction to products immediately. Social Media marketing is a good tool to forge long-lasting relationships with customers.

RASR Entertainment uses Social Media marketing to generate a strong and positive buzz about the brands associated with it. Our Social Media experts are creative analysts who are actively involved in promoting our brands.


Mostly, people go to the internet because they want information on something. The internet today is a limitless encyclopaedia. From products to services, news to knowledge, job information to entertainment, people go to the internet seeking any or all of these. What drives this enormous cycle of seeking and providing information is words. It matters little if a website has great design elements or colour co-ordination if words are missing from it. The content writers at RASR Entertainment, along with the SEO experts, choose the correct SEO keywords and strategically sprinkle them in the content of the website. This is perhaps the most important step in the process of getting the website visibility and good indexing and ultimately, linking it to a broader audience.

The business-oriented, focussed and highly imaginative content writing team at RASR Entertainment provides original, crisp and SEO keyword-loaded content for the websites of its brands. This helps in attracting targeted audience to their websites, improving their search rankings in the major search engines, maximising the number of visitors to the site, raising the amount of time every customer spends on the site, enhancing conversions and sales and ultimately making the sites achieve their goals.

Web Design and Web Development

Upgraded means of technology helps us to match the global demands and we have showcased this through our web designing and web development techniques portrayed in our application of the latest web solution services.

At RASR Entertainment, we create stylised and highly distinctive designs keeping the product and the services in mind. We consider what purpose these products and services wish to serve, brainstorm on ideas that catch the essence of the product or service’s aim and integrate it with the technology that best fulfils your needs. We refrain from using redundant technology and work only with the latest software thereby making sure that the final product that reaches you is of supreme quality. Our team of web designers and web developers specialise in unique designs and are experts at understanding your site’s requirements as well as your personal sensibilities. Together with our unique brand of innovativeness as well as the polishing services, the final product you get is something that will surpass your expectations.