Privacy Policy

Personal Information

All personal information submitted by our customers at RASR Entertainment is well protected and maintained with safe and secure measures. Personal information provided could be any detail such as your name, phone number, email address and the same is insured to protect at the best interest. The information will be limited to the access of users by RASR Entertainment only.


When you register yourself with RASR Entertainment then we would send you a permanent cookie. Cookie is a small file that can be placed on the hard disk of the computer. The cookies will enable us to know when you give a visit to the web site and help us to record your preferences and assist us in enhancing our services. Also we do reserve the right to refuse and limit access to some areas of RASR Entertainment unless you do not give your acceptance to the use of the cookie.

Information Access

Your personal information will be limited to the access of only our employees, agents and business partners. The information will not be shared to any unauthentic and non partnered companies except for the requirement of completing your transactions. At any point of time if we share out your information it would be subject to the terms mentioned in the agreement and the same will be restricted to perform under the duties and obligations binding us.

We reserve the right to release your information in appropriate places, complying with the necessary laws and regulations which are enforced by our terms and conditions.

Advertising Notifications

As a registered user you have the right to give your acceptance to receive mails and notifications about certain special promotions, bonus offers, newsletters, mailers and contests. We bring out the effective means of this service by sending across the notifications attached with traceable URL that would give us the confirmation of your response to the notification sent across.

Protection of Minors from Online Gambling

RASR Entertainment reserves the right to protect minors from online gambling. The services offered from our end will be accessed by persons 18 and above only.

We take the reasonable precautionary measures to prohibit minors from participating in the online gambling activities. Under any circumstance if we are notified of minors accessing with such activities then we will not accept the same and take necessary steps to curb such activities.

Security of your Information

Our security policies and measures will protect and safeguard your information from unauthorized access, modification and any improper disclosure. Your personal information will only be shared by our data processors and employees. At no point your information will be exploited or shared to a third party.


The privacy policy prepared by us is subject to change from time to time. We reserve the right to modify and amend the statement without sending a prior notice. The effective changes will be posted in this page and the same would be effective immediately after posted.