At RASR Entertainment, we are focused on the job of bringing out only the highest quality gaming actions to our gamers. Our big gaming brands and the popularity they enjoy in the gaming and entertainment industry are testimonies to that.

Bingo Legacy

Bingo Legacy is one of the fastest growing bingo sites of UK. This online bingo site came into existence in May 2009. The site flaunts one of the most attractive blends of graphics along with the most striking range of bingo promotions.

The fun games specials are well harmonised by the traditional range of bingo games like 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo games. Another important stand out feature of Bingo Legacy is the very gamer-friendly bingo bonus offers that it keeps coming out with on a regular basis.

The quality of bingo games provided by Bingo Legacy has always remained exception and this fact has been testified by experienced bingo players of the country. In the few years since its launch, this bingo site has created its own fan base and the number of players vouching for the site has been on steady curve upwards. The site is a great place to be at and enjoy the gaming sprees.

EYE Affiliates

One of the biggest innovations of RASR Entertainment was the launch of EYE Affiliates in January 2010. EYE Affiliates is a network of affiliates designed to enhance the exposure of the affiliates to the worldwide web and generate revenues and traffic for online bingo sites. This sophisticated network of affiliates aims to provide a tracking system and an efficient reporting system to the affiliates and further maximise their earnings.

The software associated with EYE Affiliates is Income Access that regulates the functionalities and tracking records in a systematic manner. And this new innovation of RASR Entertainment has already generated substantial growth and development in our business structure with an increased addition of more active affiliates to the network.

Bingo MagiX

In our extensive gamut of innovative and engaging games, Bingo MagiX is another brand name that features prominently in the list. This bingo site debuted in the industry in the year 2008 and in the past three years, it has carved a niche for itself in the gaming and entertainment industry of the UK. This has been amply aided by the fact that Bingo MagiX won the 6th position in the New Site of the Year category and has continued to grow ever since.

Bingo MagiX has been systematic in its approach and has worked hard to expand the degree of entertainment that an online bingo site can provide to the gamers. The site is popular among its patrons for coming up with interesting promotions ever so often which helps to retain interest in the games. By constantly taking steps towards betterment, the site has set its sight on becoming the very best in the business in the very near future. At the rate that it is going, it doesn’t seem like Bingo MagiX is going to take too long to reach its objective.

The software brand Cozy Games supports the network of Bingo MagiX and that further entrusts this online bingo site with trust and reliability.

Sparkling Bingo

Another top UK bingo site, Sparkling Bingo also glides under the wing of RASR Entertainment. This site started offering entertainment services way back in 2007. As of this July, Sparkling Bingo has completed five sparkling years and the bingo experience offered here is unmatched in more ways than one. The expertise of RASR Entertainment in striking the delicate chord between innovation and pushing the envelope is what has made Sparkling Bingo reach this prestigious five year mark. We're constantly finding ways to improve our services so that our loyal players can continue enjoying the finest online gaming experience on the planet.

Games hosted on Sparkling Bingo include 75, 80, 90 ball, slots, scratchcards, instant games and chat games. Sparkling Bingo is powered by industry leading gaming software services provider DragonFish.