About Us

RASR Entertainment is a leading online marketing site that specialises in online gaming and promotes bingo sites in the UK. RASR Entertainment’s brand of online bingo sites have revolutionised the online bingo industry by providing top end services and gaming facilities to their registered players. Since its establishment in the year …., RASR Entertainment has already amassed a loyal following for its brands.

With a spotless reputation and a dedicated team of experts standing as the pillars of our foundation, we are climbing the ladder of success at an enviable rate. Within the next couple of years, we aspire to be the top player in the UK’s online gaming market. To achieve that, we make focussing on the needs of our customers our priority.

The brands associated with RASR Entertainment are marketed in a way that within a short span of time, they have made an impact in the global online gaming industry. The credit for this achievement rests on the shoulders of our online marketing team that has implemented a wide range of online gaming strategies for these brands. These services include, but are not limited to, affiliate marketing, social media networking and search engine marketing. Furthermore, the implementation of competitive strategies for customer retention helps us stay on the top of our game.

To build the top gaming solutions, we at RASR Entertainment leverage the upgraded usage of technology and software to develop the best gaming trends in the national gaming market. We also believe in relentless research and development to help us maintain our competitive edge and retain our position on the top of the online gaming market.